Saturday, October 15, 2016

Amazed by Art in Island

Imagining yourself doing something wild, wicked and weird in an art museum? I bet you got secret fantasies of that sort, right?  Nah, I’m not referring to the kind of craziness that involves pillaging, desecrating or vandalizing art. For me, something crazy means doing that thing you’ve been wanting to do, even if you end up the butt of jokes and laughter.

This reminds me of Jumanji!

Now, if you feel the same way, then I have great news for you! You now have a venue to turn those out-of-this-world fantasies into reality as you pose and get captured to your heart’s content in the zaniest of ways amidst a backdrop of the most outlandish artworks in a Jumanji-esque wonderland—Art in Island!

If you have that keen interest in art, particularly the strange, surreal or supernatural, the museum is the best place to be whenever you’re in the metro. For a reasonable price (Php500 for adults), it has an impressive array of the most unusual art backgrounds perfect for selfies, duofies, groupfies and what have you.

I learned about Art in Island when I came across some of my friends’ posts in Facebook. Instantly, I was smitten by the place, wanting to invade it soonest if only to slay my own out-of-this-world poses. When the opportunity to go to Metro Manila came my way recently, I readily squeezed a visit to the museum in my itinerary.

It was a gloomy Wednesday when I pulled myself out of the doldrums in Makati, took the MRT and headed for Cubao, where the “the biggest 3D interactive art museum in Asia” is located. Hopping out of the train station near Araneta Center, I walked towards 15th Avenue (just a few blocks away from the sprawling complex dominated by SMART Araneta Coliseum, Ali Mall and SM Cubao) where the museum is located. 

In the company of pharaohs

Exploring the gallery of artworks for almost two hours, I felt like a time traveler zipping my way back and forth through time and space, transported into strange worlds and meeting extraordinary characters I first knew in books and comic strips or saw in films and the boob tube. 

Communing with mammoths and beasts is fun!

For a moment, I was lost in some Arabian desert, then found myself cavorting with mammoths and beasts the next! In the blink of an eye, I was wandering the innermost recesses of a castle, then riding a gondola in a Venetian canal the next.

Suddenly, I was running away from a pack of angry bulls in Spain! Then, it was Christmas with scenes from the nativity, Santa and his reindeer, snow and all. Before I knew it, I was face-to-face with Death in inferno!  Geez, the one-of-a-kind visual extravaganza was simply amazing!

Wouldn't you wish you're there when this event happened?

Anyone wishing to go to Art in Island can experience what I’ve been through. Getting inside is a breeze. Just pay your ticket and voila! You’re on your way inside the museum where you’re destined to be the main attraction in the artwork. 

Be sure to bring along a digital camera (if you don’t have one, the camera in your phone or tablet will do), an extra memory card, power bank or battery pack. The worst thing that could happen to you when you’re there is to run out of memory or power for your gizmos. 

Footwear isn’t allowed inside the museum so it’s best to have your nails trimmed before going there. You wouldn’t want to look like some dork with dirty-looking toes, eh? It would be perfect if you can wear a clean pair of socks (no holes, please!) for your feet’s protection.  

You can put on anything appropriate inside the museum. But if you want to go the extra mile and dress up like some popular character in a cosplay, then bring along your costumes and props—hats, wigs, accessories, makeup, and what have you. It’s a chance of a lifetime to get snapped looking like your favorite character from a book, comics, film, video game, etc., so why not dress the part?

Playing ball with God? 

What’s the best time to go to the museum? If you’re fond of selfies or groupfies and want to linger for as long as you want—indulging in all sorts of ludicrous poses till you get your dream shots—then visit Art in Island on a weekday.  

On weekends, “it’s one helluva pandemonium out there!”—according to a friend who’ve made it to the place on a Sunday. As experienced, that weekday sojourn to the museum gave me the time of my life. Only a few people were around—I almost had the museum to myself!

There’s, however, a downside if you go solo. Though I brought along a tripod, I wasn’t allowed to bring it inside. Good thing, a museum attendant saw my predicament and came to my rescue—she offered to take my photos. Bless her! But there’s no assurance that there’s an available staff when you’re on your own so it’s best to come in droves.
Life’s trials and tribulations often make us forget how cathartic it is to take a break from adulthood and be free of the duties and responsibilities that go with it, even for just a few hours. When the going gets too tough to handle, we must unleash the inner child in us if only to keep our sanity.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, bring out the kiddo in you and be part of a fantastic 3D art world where you’re the star of the universe!