Saturday, October 29, 2011

Carefree in Caleruega

If you could fall in love with a place, then I guess I could say this: I've fallen in love with Caleruega. Anybody who likes to be close to nature and closer to his Creator would surely feel the same way, too.

So, what’s with Caleruega to make me fall in love with her? As mentioned in the brochure handed out to its visitors, the place is a "house of prayer and renewal" catering to individuals and groups looking for the perfect venue to hold retreats, recollections, prayers, weddings, reunions, researches, trainings, seminars, workshops and the like.

Why, even filmmakers have found the place the perfect venue for shooting their movies! This is true in the case of the blockbuster, "Sukob", wherein one of the wedding scenes had the church in Caleruega as its setting.

Located in a secluded part of Nasugbu, Batangas, this sanctuary has become the latest buzz among those fond of making brief weekend trips in places near Metro Manila. One nippy weekend, Juju and Luz, two of my Manila-based friends, took me there to shield ourselves from the fury of an impending typhoon that was about to hit Northern Luzon, Quiel (internationally known as Nalgae), which came in the heels of a far more catastrophic one, Pedring (internationally known as Nesat).

For several carefree hours, I’ve never felt so safe and secured even as the biting cold assaulted the innermost core of our senses as we explored that ethereal sanctuary.

While the typhoon was raging up north, there we were, going here, there and everywhere Caleruega amidst the howling winds, taking pics as if it were just another ordinary day. Geez, I count that episode as one of the crazier things I’ve done so far…LOL!

Now that I’ve been smitten by her charms, it’s but natural to include Caleruega in my growing list of must-return places in the country. I just hope that the sun would be up when I get back there one of these days. :D

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