Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am Scorpio and these are my sojourns

Traveling around the Philippines excites me. A typical Scorpio, I’ve been passionate about hopping from one place after I had my first trip outside my hometown. 

Since then, I have made it my lifelong goal to visit all the 79 provinces and 118 cities of my country and experience what is unique in each of these places. That is why each year, I spend a good deal of time planning my sojourns all over the islands and going the extra mile to turn them into unforgettable adventures. 

With 7,107 sun-kissed islands, more or less, the Philippines has enchanted tourists —including  this blogger — from  all over the world for centuries with the warmth, goodwill and diversity of its people and the beauty of its natural and exotic attractions. That's also equivalent to 7,107 reasons that make me proud to be Pinoy.

Like me, I’m sure that you also have dreams of going around the Philippines so I have created this blog to inform you of all the wonderful things you can find in our different islands, provinces and cities. So, feel free to check out my posts. 

I am Scorpio and these are my sojourns. Welcome and have a great time knowing my country.