Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tantalized by Talikud Island

Tantalizing—something tangible and desirable that teases the imagination yet so unreachable. That’s how I’d describe this place I’ve visited  twice before, first, in 1994 and again, in 2007. It’s truly one of those so-near-yet-so-far destinations which I’ve been wanting to revisit but didn’t have the chance to do so.

Talikud Island
Talikud seemed so elusive that’s why I’ve long shelved my plans of going there again. Fortunately, the idea of spending a weekend in the island popped up in one of the reunion meetings I’ve been attending with high school buddies. My heart wanted to explode with excitement! Yes, I’ll be seeing Talikud again! 

So far, I’ve only been to two of its beaches, Babu Santa and Isla Reta, where I spent wonderful times with some special people in my life before (Fortunately, I've managed to save a few pics taken in Isla Reta using my old but reliable camera phone). So, the chance to relive those great moments there simply thrilled me. 

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As expected, the third visit really turned out to be such a blast! Our small group which included Esme, Luz, Junnix, Mike, Albert, Bong and this blogger, along with some family members, headed for a private resort in the island.Thanks to one kindhearted soul, Junnix, who moved heaven and earth to make our end-of-summer, pre-grand reunion island escapade possible.  

So, where in the world is Talikud? For the benefit of those who haven’t been there, the little known hideaway is located just off the southwestern coast of nearby Samal Island and about an hour’s boat ride from Davao City. And what’s so hot about it? Well, it happens to have at least two of the best world-class diving spots in this part of the country, namely, Mansud Wall and Coral Gardens, which would probably tickle the imagination of those fond of diving.

Add to that the many stretches of palm-fringed, white-sand beaches dotting its coastlines as well as the mysterious caverns found there, all waiting to awe intrepid tourists who yearn for unusual island adventures. 

Visitors will surely have a field day indulging in a wide variety of activities in the island: scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, island hopping, camping and the like. I’m sure that with these tantalizing treats, Talikud will soon be coming out of the shadows of its bigger neighbor as it tantalizes more people, prompting them to come to its shores.

So, peeps, what are you waiting for? Grab those bags and head for the island.

More pics:

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