Sunday, October 14, 2012

Winding up in Davao’s Newest Wonderland

Something up in the northern hills of Davao City has been making a lot of buzz lately among weekend wanderers and it’s named D’Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park. I got curious about this highland resort that’s still largely a work-in-progress and had made not a few attempts to check it out. But my best-laid plans were foiled by this or that unfortunate circumstance. Geez, I gotta be there before the year ends, I promised myself.

Fortunately, the chance to see one of the newest family adventure resorts to rise in this part of the country came my way. With barely a few days left to prepare for one of our biggest corporate events, I suggested to my co-workers that we hold our final rehearsal and critiquing outside the four walls of the office. And guess where we wound up? Where else but D’Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park!

A fast-rising wonderland in the highlands of the city, the resort offers visitors a breathtaking vista of a sprawling 30-hectare property that has evolved from a wilderness of forest and rivers and is now continuously being developed by its owners into a family adventure and theme park. Located roughly 10 kilometers away from the downtown area, it’s one of the numerous real estate developments that’s rapidly changing the landscape of Mindanao’s premier metropolis.  

Nothing prepared me for what I saw at the d’Leonor wonderlanda cozy hotel, a function house with restaurant, a wave pool and a raging river (man-made), a zoo and fishing ground, a golf course, a mini all-terrain vehicle (ATV) track, a zipline and hanging bridge, a cable car and many other amusement and recreational facilities that are still half-finished. There are also chalets, picnic huts and even dormitories for those who want stay there for a longer time.

It would seem that the resort has everything tourists would usually hope to find in a getaway. Well, almost. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have any natural body of water, say, a falls, a river, a hot spring, a lake or something, to boast of. I usually look forward to these things in a hideaway before I’d give it my thumbs-up. Correct me if I’m wrong but there’s hardly anything there that’s not man-made.

Nonetheless, I’d still give the D’Leonor wonderland my seal of approval because we really enjoyed our brief stay there. All told, the facilities were generally excellent and the staff accommodating, For a few hours, the short but sweet spree at the resort enabled us to hit three birds with one stone: rehearse our presentations, ride the ATV and relax our tired minds—all in a day’s time. Now that’s one rare opportunity to mix business with pleasure! :D

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